A nurse assigned to your pet for the day will constantly monitor them while asleep

​Riverstone Veterinary Hospital is fully equipped to provide the highest level of comfort and care for your pet when due for desexing.

Desexing not only prevents unwanted litters and breeding, but also minimizes the risk of nasty health issues later in life like cancers, infections and hernias, all of which can be fatal to your pet.

Your pets desexing procedure is a day procedure in which case they go home the same day. Their recovery is remarkably quick, with tiny keyhole incisions used where possible, and buried internal sutures for optimal comfort.

Please call the clinic to book in a day for your pets surgery. We will be so happy to have them here so we can spoil them with cuddles and support them through their day in hospital.

Did you know your pet will receive 10% off the price of their desexing if they are a P.A.W member? Click here to find out more.

Did you know at Riverstone Vets all animals receive intravenous fluids during their procedures as well as having heart rate, pulse, respiration rate, oxygen saturation, blood pressure and temperature monitored. Small animals are recovered in a humidicrib and all animals are below a warm air blower during and after their procedure for maximum comfort and safety. All animals are given multiple forms of pain relief both during and after the procedure and in addition go home with a further 3-4 days pain relief. Some of these are offered as additional extras at other vet hospitals but at Riverstone Vets this is our Gold Standard of Care

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