Puppy Preschool

Puppy Preschool

How exciting!!!!! We cant wait to meet you and your puppy!!! And what better way to bond with the new addition of the family than to join us for puppy preschool. Riverstone Veterinary Hospitals puppy preschool create a safe and positive place for puppies to learn appropriate social skills around other puppy’s and create a good, solid relationship between the dog and its family.


Monday Nights held in our large education/training room above the clinic


6 pm - 7 pm 


5 week course 


( bring cash payment on first class ) 

The content of the classes will teach you how to manage common puppy problems such as mouthing, toilet training, and will give you easy tips for basic obedience, brain games, trick training and shaping, body language, desensitizing and exposure, crate training, bed/place training, surface exposure, prevention of resource guarding and appropriate behavior around high value sources.

BUT most of all we ensure our little furbabies have a brilliant, fun time, whilst at the same time upskilling you to be the very best pet parent!!!!

​If you would be keen to join us, please call the clinic on 9627-4011, or email us at info@riverstonevets.com.au

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